National Services Group, directly and through its network, guarantees to customers the advantage of a single interlocutor in the management in Global Services of all services included in the areas of competence.

National Services Group has a regular prefectural license pursuant to art. 134 T.U.L.P.S. for the execution of the investigation and anti-shoplifting services.

It is also in possession of a regular license pursuant to art. 115 T.U.L.P.S., operating as a Network for the performance of services that it does not carry out directly.

• Trust Services
• Security
• Private Surveillance
• Investigation and Intelligence
• Facility Management
• Safety Plants

Trust Services
• Concierge Service
• Reception and Welcome
• Telephone exchange, mail sorting and secretariat services
• Museum services, cloakroom, info point, surveillance and ticket office
• Reception service for congresses, conferences and public events

• Executive protection
• Anti-shoplifting
• Access control, unarmed security
• Control during public events

Private Surveillance
• Armed surveillance and patrolling
• Monitoring and intervention on alarm
• Video surveillance

Investigation and Intelligence
(in private and corporate sphere)
• Risk management
• Risk analysis
• Employee surveys
• Trade investigations
• Environmental remediations
• Mystery client

Facility Management
• Cleaning
• Porterage
• Green maintenance

Safety Plants
• Planning and implementation of security and access control systems
• Maintenance and technical assistance