Authorized by the Prefecture of Rome pursuant to art. 134 of the Tulps, NSG carries out private investigation activities; for illustrative purposes only, but not exhaustive, the following areas of investigation are identified:

• private investigations: information requested by the private citizen for his own judicial protection (for example within the family, in the matrimonial or patrimonial field);

• corporate investigations: requested by public and private bodies, that is to say from companies even without legal personality, in order to protect a right in court – for example in case of unfaithfulness of the worker, of correct use of the law 104, of counterfeiting of products, for the protection of trademarks and patents, of the scientific heritage, of other intangible corporate assets, etc.;

• investigations in commerce: requested by the trader in order to determine, albeit at the accounting level, the shortfalls and the inventory differences, also through information obtained directly from the place of business (so-called investigative anti-shoplifting);

• defensive investigations: aimed at finding evidence to be used in the context of the criminal trial, as regulated by Title VI bis of the code of criminal procedure;

• business information: requested by public and private bodies for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, processing, evaluating and estimating the economic, financial, credit, balance sheet, industrial, productive, entrepreneurial and professional data of companies and corporations – both of people and of capital – as well as the natural persons connected to them – such as, for example, shareholders, directors, etc. – in compliance with current European legislation on privacy.

In addition, it carries out “Intelligence” activities, both nationally and internationally, providing advice on Risk Analysis, Security Survey and Crisis Management Planning.

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